The utility of $POKO tokens is carefully designed to align with the interests of both developers and holders, fostering a supportive and engaged community within the Poko app. Developers are incentivized with tools to enhance their visibility and trustworthiness, while holders enjoy unique benefits, including the ability to influence the platform's direction, receive financial incentives through airdrops, and participate in a revenue-sharing model that rewards their investment in the platform. This comprehensive approach ensures active engagement and long-term growth for the Poko ecosystem.

For Developers:

  • Verification Badge: Developers can spend $POKO tokens to obtain a verification badge, signifying their profile with a blue check to boost credibility.

  • Extended Profile Features: Tokens can also be used by developers to access enhanced profile functionalities, including the ability to post updates, share news, and provide in-depth information on their token launches.

For Holders:

  • Profile Picture Customization: By holding $POKO tokens, users gain the ability to change their profile picture, setting them apart from other users.

  • Tiered Holder Benefits: The amount of $POKO held unlocks various benefits:

    • Poko DAO Membership: Significant holders can participate in the Poko DAO, influencing the app’s development and getting early looks at future features and updates.

    • Airdrops from New Launches: Holders are entitled to airdrops from new projects introduced by Poko developers, offering a share in these ventures' potential success.

    • Airdrops from Pre-Listed Projects: Holders also receive airdrops from projects that are listed on Poko before their official launch.

Revenue Sharing:

  • From Fees: A new aspect of $POKO's utility includes sharing a portion of the fees collected from developers for services like verification and accessing extended features. This revenue sharing extends to $POKO holders, distributed as airdrops in either $POKO tokens or the respective launched token, depending on the specific agreements with developers.

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