🛠️App Features

The Poko app is designed to empower the Solana blockchain community, giving members a significant voice in the ecosystem. At its core, Poko allows users to vote and rate developers, offering insights into each developer's reliability before any tokens are purchased. This foundational feature aims to foster transparency and trust within the community. However, our vision for Poko extends far beyond this initial offering. We're committed to making Poko your go-to app for researching developers and their launches.

Beta Release and Beyond

For our beta release, we're focusing on the voting feature. This initial phase will be accessible to a select number of developers and users, serving as a showcase for the Poko app and a means to gather valuable feedback from early adopters. But our plans for Poko don't stop there.

Future Features Include:

  • Developer Checklist Tool: Developers will have the ability to show the community their milestones and achievements, such as buying trends, updating decentralized exchanges, burning liquidity, and more. This tool is designed to further enhance transparency and community trust in developers' activities.

  • Developer Wall: A platform within Poko where developers can share news, updates, and posts. This feature aims to create a more dynamic and engaged community, allowing developers to communicate directly with their audience.

  • "Who Called It" : We plan to showcase influencers and community members who have spotlighted a token, providing additional context and potentially influencing user decisions.

  • And More: We have several other features in the pipeline that we'll unveil gradually. Each new addition is intended to enrich the Poko experience, making it the most comprehensive and user-friendly app for the Solana blockchain community.

Our goal with Poko is clear: to create a platform where the community's voice leads the way in promoting safe, transparent, and reliable trading practices. By starting with the voting feature and continuously expanding our offerings, we're dedicated to making Poko an indispensable resource for anyone looking to invest in Solana's vibrant ecosystem.

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