The $POKO token has been strategically developed to support the long-term development and marketing of the Poko platform. With a total supply capped at one billion (1B) tokens, the carefully planned tokenomics are aimed at ensuring the project's sustainability and growth. Here's a clear breakdown of the $POKO token distribution and its intended uses:

Contract address: 8K3Nxvt3W33cfPpGpKjKYQvpaCzDPCLkQEhyrhUBfncb

  • Total Supply: 1 billion ($POKO) tokens.

  • Liquidity Pool and Burn: A significant portion of the total supply is directed towards the liquidity pool, with a portion also being burned to help maintain the token's value and reduce overall supply gradually.

  • Team Allocation (10%): This portion is set aside for the project's developers, founders, and contributors as a form of incentive and recognition for their ongoing efforts to build, maintain, and enhance the platform. This allocation is distributed with a vesting schedule to ensure the team's long-term commitment to the project's success.

  • Marketing Wallet (10%): Dedicated to funding various marketing efforts, this allocation is vital for increasing the project's visibility. It covers expenses related to advertising, partnerships, events, and other promotional activities designed to attract more users and build a stronger community around the Poko app.

Purpose of Allocations

  • Team Incentives: By reserving a portion of tokens for the team, Poko ensures that those who are integral to the project's development and success are adequately rewarded and motivated to continue their contributions.

  • Marketing Initiatives: The funds allocated for marketing are crucial for the project's outreach and adoption. They support strategies to boost Poko's presence within the Solana ecosystem, driving engagement and attracting new participants to the platform.

These allocations within the $POKO tokenomics are carefully designed to support the project's immediate needs while fostering its growth and sustainability over time. By balancing the investment in our team and marketing initiatives, Poko aims to strengthen its foundation as a trusted and secure platform within the blockchain community.

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